“As a weekend mountain biker I need strong leg muscles and great balance to power through some rough trails and dangerous situations…Brad created my own custom routine to help me maximize my time on the bike and that’s why he’s been with me for the last 5 years.”
Allan Schweitzer
Los Angeles, CA


“After my car accident I had to undergo back surgery for a herniated disk. Once my doctor cleared me to exercise, I was referred to Brad through a family friend and we have been a team ever since. Over the last year and a half we have been doing Pilates to strengthen my core and back muscles and I can proudly say I’m almost back to my pre surgery weight. I feel stronger everyday and he really knows his stuff. His positive attitude has helped me through some really difficult times but I trust him wholeheartedly.”
Chelsea Alexander
Woodland Hills, CA


“After 2 meniscus surgeries I knew I needed help to keep my knees injury free. I found Brad after taking one of his circuit classes and we have been meeting for the last 3 years and I can honestly say that I’m able to hike up and down Fryman canyon and can walk with a brisk pace for well over an hour now…and I’m 65 years young!
Missy Kieselstein
Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve been a client for over 10 years now and the answer is very simple…Brad knows his stuff and has an uncanny ability to see thru all my excuses and get the results I’m looking for. Of course some days I don’t want to workout but he makes it fun and challenging. I’ve been able to keep off those last 10lbs for quite some time and the reason is FlatbellyLA.”
Rabbi Howard Weiss
Sherman Oaks, CA


“As an avid golfer I’ve had my share of injuries throughout the years and Brad has been helpful with his recommendations of balance training, foam rolling and postural corrections to keep me on the golf course longer and stronger. We have been training for 11 years now and he has even helped my wife get results by using our dog as a weight loss tool. He’s great!”
Peter Benedek
Brentwood, CA


“I’ve played competitive racquetball for well over 20 years now and have sustained many nagging injuries that have sidelined me for long periods of time. We use weight training and a variety of different stretches which are geared towards specific muscles that have made me better, stronger and healthier. Its allowed me to play my favorite sport well into my late 50’s. He’s the best!”
Mike Targon
Calabasas, CA