FLATBELLYLA’s signature program, “The Best Workout Ever!” is a mix of various proven training methods that have been combined into one complex system called BMT or Body Movement Training.

It is the core principle of TBWE and quite simply translates to one word….MOVE. BMT will put the client in specialized situations through the course of each 55 minute session and will consist of about 40 different positions/movements to challenge and inspire the client.

Sessions are available year round by appointment only and start at 6am until 9pm 7 days a week. New clients are encouraged to start with 2 sessions a week and once progress has been assessed, more workouts will be added accordingly.

Clients are also encouraged to do extra cardio workouts on their off training days to further maximize caloric burn which will help the client achieve their desired results much more quickly.

Some sessions will be done outdoors in your neighborhood so we can teach you how to use your surroundings to maintain great workouts without gym equipment.

Our latest program, 50+, is targeted at baby boomers who want to continue an active lifestyle while reducing injury and fatigue to maintain overall health.