Tri Cities Washington 2012 fitness tips

Only 6 months till bikini season starts…..

So the first month of the new year is officially over….How did your new year’s resolution hold up in the last 30 days and nights?? Did you stick to your eating plan? Drink enough water? Reduce sugar? White flour? Add more fruits? I won’t lie either. I made some promises to myself and some I’ve fulfilled and others not so much. But, the important thing is that I made progress and didn’t fall back on certain commitments. Always moving forward requires constant motion and no matter how fast or slow change is happening. Now, I have given myself a 3 month challenge to start cleaning up my diet and eliminate all soda from my diet. As I enter the second month I really made a dent in the can, pun intended, to eliminate soda. I have been reading extensively about the uses of soda in other countries and it seems that in India they are replacing pesticide with Coke. Not kidding.  So now that I’ve got your attention….

A few of my trainer tips to help make the transition a little easier : Create a schedule. I keep a dry erase board on my fridge and each time I eat a meal I write down exactly what I ate. This ensures that I’m eating all my meals and I can see what I liked and what I wouldn’t eat again. I can also keep track of my calories if and when I wanna add them up to calculate my daily number that I need to eat. It also creates dedication. It forces me to constantly evaluate my food plan and workout schedule. With all this feedback I’m all but guaranteed to come out a success by month three.

Workout. It’s a must. No longer is a brisk walk everyday considered enough. We need to lift weights to produce muscle. It builds strength. It supports greater immune function. It helps us sleep better. Nuff said.

Rest. Rest days are just as important as training days. Why? Because when we sleep is actually when the coolest stuff happens. Training causes micro tears and trauma to the muscles and sleep repairs those fibers by releasing growth hormone and a host of other important functions that whisk away by-products and cortisol hormones. These are created by stress and we are just now scratching the surface about mental stress equaling if not surpassing physical stress. Try to get 6 hours a night during the week and 8 on the weekends. I take a 30 min nap everyday and it leaves me feeling refreshed and don’t suffer the dreaded 2pm crash anymore.

As I ease into month two I’m feeling anxious to get started and lose a few more inches around my waist and reduce body fat to bring out my elusive six pack. Yes I’m doing more cardio. Yes I’m doing more more workouts. and yes I’m drinking more water. I take BCAA’s to keep  my body burning calories and replacing lost nutrients and minerals that are lost through workouts and dog walks. I’ve added more fruits and vegetables. Right now I’m on a broccoli kick and can’t seem to get enough. Lightly steamed with some lemon juice on top. Delicious!

Keep your head up. Keep your focus. Don’t just look forward to the next thirty days. Look through them and visualize how much better you will feel and look. Starting in 3, 2, 1……GO!


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