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Lunchtime Workout Club

Hey there fellow car driver….now I know that a lot of people have lots of different jobs but one thing remains constant. We all need to take a lunch break. Often times it’s a mandated break and other times it’s a great way to catch up with friends over grilled chicken and veggies. However you spend your lunch break often includes a few factors that I’d like to cover in this month’s blog.

Time. Or lack there of….most people that I train work a regular office job. It ranges from movie executive to financial guru or even my retired elderly clientele. Everybody needs to eat and time is always running short. The hour lunch break is slowly…let me take that back. There is no more hourly lunch break unless you own your own business or grandpa started the company and you get an office based on name recognition alone. Every office worker, housewife and construction worker needs to eat mid day but often times lack of time exists in their schedule to fully realize a whole meal while sitting down and reading a book or catching up on the latest FB posts. We are a mobile society and drive thru meals are cheap, easy and delicious because of grease, fat and yummy salt and food additives. But what about the few, the dedicated, the smart people who pack a lunch the night before? It’s like being a kid all over again. The proverbial brown bag lunch! Now, inside those recycled sacks exists  more than food. It also houses dedication. Responsibility. Caring. Education. HOW YOU ASK?? Well the answer is more than simple. It’s called desire. How bad do you want to change your life? Your eating habits? Get better sleep? Learn to not only love yourself but respect your temple, which is your body. Once you control the food you eat you have a power at your fingertips that most people will be jealous of and try to steal away from you with slick advertising, neon colors and movie star pitchmen. By controlling the food you eat you have firmly planted your feet into the ground and let everybody know that you pack a lunch and you’re damn proud of it! Let the haters hate while you eat controlled portions for fuel and protein while they languish away in fries and sweet n sour sauces.

Busy. I get it. Parents have children to bath, help with homework and feed dinner before 8pm. Multi-tasking is now a way of life thanks to the iPhone and iPad. Wash the dishes off while sending a text about tmrw”s PTA meeting. This kind of schedule makes for some tired parents and the lack of sleep really wreaks havoc on the body. But with iTunes and the hundreds of exercise apps that can be downloaded exercise no longer has to be that thing you did before kids. Have a playdate? Drop the kids off and walk the neighborhood while doing pushups off the curb. Run sprints back and forth for 15 minutes and see if you don’t get you butt kicked. Do step ups off the curb and get that heart rate pumping for a quick intense calorie burn. Remember, some exercise is always better than none…even if you think 15 minutes isn’t enough you will burn calories for over 2 hours after working out.

Stretch. Do it often and watch how much better your back will feel. Don’t believe the research that is telling us that stretching isnt important. We do it everyday when we wake up or when we yawn and extend our arms to the sky. It feels good to stretch. It loosens up stiff joints and hamstrings. It moves blood around to our arms and legs. And the best part is that it can be done anywhere. Park the SUV and stretch your legs. We have all done it after a long road trip. It can still be done after sitting in traffic when you reach your destination. God knows with the traffic in LA that just going a few miles could take an hour or more depending on the time of day. !0 minutes is all it takes and the benefits will help you down the road, literally.

Sleep.  As a professional trainer I’m always driving from one client to the next. I eat lunch in the car everyday and it always presents a challenge when I’ve been working since 530am and the dreaded 2pm crash comes calling. I make time to take a nap everyday for about 20-30 minutes. I set my alarm on my phone and park on a side street and settle in for my snooze. It works much better than any energy drink and there’s no risk of heart attack from caffeine, sugar and whatever else is in those drinks to make it look like anti-freeze. On the days where I’m not able to nap I make sure to eat crunchy foods that force me to chew my food into little pieces and keep me stimulated instead of inhaling fried mushy crap into my stomach.

Remember, these are just some helpful tips to help you navigate your way through the work week. Every day is different and should be treated as such. Explore new foods in the supermarket. Try new fruits and vegetables. Drink more water. What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like what you ate? BOOM! Eliminate that from your list and make room for something new. Inspiration comes from everywhere…just open your eyes to your surroundings and investigate. See ya next month!

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