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And today I learned….?

So we are midway thru March 2015 and so far the year is off to a great start. My PT business is busier than ever. My wife and our dogs are doing well and having no medical issues. My grandmother is turning 100 years old next month!! And I’m settling into my 17th year of running my own business and being a trainer to a whole lot of people who i have seen thru good and bad, hard and easy, highest of the highs and yes, the lows too. A few things remain constant that I’ve come to rely on. A few years ago i heard a quote, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” and it has stuck with me as a reminder that I need to keep expanding my business using as many platforms I can find and keep that word of mouth , otherwise known as networking, growing all the time. Some of you may have desk jobs. Some might travel city to city for work. I navigate Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley and Westside, and every day is different. Traffic patterns continue to surprise me and the drivers of those cars certainly didn’t get their license at the same DMV I went to. Waze is a great tool but mostly its about timing. The same goes for those times you’ve been lucky or gotten a ticket from the motorcycle cop on the corner. Right place, right time. I’ve gotten referrals from past clients, present clients and from my Pilates classes. Also have paid for advertising, done bartering with other clients for their services and a few other different scenarios. Point is, you or I really have no idea when it’ll happen but when it does a feeling of happy washes over me and instantly life gets better. Is it monetary? Absolutely. Is it a new challenge? You bet. Am I ready to do this 100%? That’s the part I can control. That’s the part that keeps me hungry. It’s also the part that keeps my bills paid and my wife happy when we can go out for a nice meal with friends and create new memories. Every day is different for me because I deal with an ever changing clientele that have their own physical injuries or life changing events. I create exercise programs that produce results over the course of 4 months. I also become a sounding board for my clients who tell me things I can’t repeat here and over time I become a small part of their family. I enter their lives even when I’m not around. Cheat meals or vacations are my enemies but once I get them back on track the train continues and life gets a lil easier!

What’s the point of this blog Brad? What am I trying to say? I believe that the point is try to find something you’re good at. Something you have an interest in. Something you want to learn about. And then figure out how to make money from it. That is the hardest part but once you figure it out its glorious. Some of you will get there. Some will not. Some are scared of changing their lives. Some have great jobs and need the benefits. Some have crappy jobs and are looking for a new job. Whatever the situation is just keep trying to learn something new each day. Could be a fact about nutrition. Could be a new class that burns 1000 calories. Also could be a new type of dinosaur get discovered. Then it could be a new lead for a new job. Or the hell with finding a job. Make it a career. But remember that each new challenge has its own set of rules and you need to figure out how you want to approach it. Will you run towards it like a firefighter to a burning house? Or will you remove yourself entirely and forget it happened? The process will show you the way and your reaction could predict the outcome so choose wisely. Don’t over think it. Research shows that most of the time the first choice is usually appropriate. I’m here to help. Good Luck!

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